I’m so annoyed right now. Tonight was so good and it went so well, and then at Tomahawk some strange guy came over and just sat at our table and started saying a bunch of negative crap that out me in a really weird place.

Now I am at home, writing my rehearsal report, and I get a weird feeling that I need to double check the room reservations, and sure enough, stupid lady in the front office didn’t mark down when we were booked in the rehearsal space on the Theatre Calendar and now some other people have it checked out. Now I have to March over to the office tomorrow and complain and try to get my space back. Thank goodness I took a photo on my phone of the dates she personally wrote that I had… If her own handwriting isn’t proof that I deserve this space, then I don’t know what is.

This is seriously the third time this has happened and I am so done with this. Please do your fucking job and write down when I reserve a room so thank can do my job.

Is it really that hard?